What are Gremlins?

Gremlins are those small but powerful voices in your head that tell you nasty stories about yourself. They say things like “you will never be successful”, “no one will ever love you”, “you don’t deserve to be happy”…

My Gremlins are rooted in a feeling that I am not good enough, that I am a fraud and that one day someone will find out – this is also called imposter syndrome

Imposter syndrome is defined by Dr Christian Jarrett as:

  • feeling that other people have an inflated perception of your abilities
  • fear that your true abilities will be found out
  • persistent tendency to attribute successes to external factors, such as luck

I’m writing a book about imposter syndrome and I’ve really like to hear about your experiences.

Maryam Pasha Written by:

Maryam's work specialises in designing unique and innovative experiences and events to communicate ideas to new audiences – especially around social issues like immigration and women’s rights, but also in the fields of technology, sustainability and social entrepreneurship.