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Imposter syndrome is like a secret society – everyone is a member and no one talks about it. I’m writing a book about imposter syndrome and I’d really like your help!

(What is imposter syndrome? )

I don’t know how to stop feeling like an imposter, but I do know that being aware of these feelings and talking to other people about it – so that it is not this secret I carry around with me has helped me identify when I have these imposter feelings and recognise them for what they are – just feelings and not facts.

Tell me about your experiences/feelings of imposter syndrome. Are there any thoughts or things you tell yourself that you would describe as imposter feelings?
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Are there any ways that these imposter feelings influence what you do at work or in your personal life?
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Are there any specific situations that make your imposter feelings worse?
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Is there anything you do or have done that has helped you deal with your imposter feelings?
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