Maryam Pasha

IMG_20140625_124521Hello! Thanks for taking time to look around this blog. My work specialises in designing unique and innovative experiences and events to communicate ideas to new audiences – especially around social issues like immigration and women’s rights, but also in the fields of technology and social entrepreneurship. I founded and host the annual TEDxEastEnd event in 2011, which explore ideas worth spreading around the theme of Society Beyond Borders.

My academic background is in psychology and refugee care, and I have worked in the areas of social entrepreneurship, online communications and design. I also set-up a charity to help disadvantaged women reach their career goals. I worked closely with Migrants’ Rights Network for over five years and in a previous life I was the secretary general of the McGill Model United Nations.

I am currently working on my first book, which will be published in 2017.

You can find out more about my work here: